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Water Service Line Repair Program

Water-Line-RepairWhat is the Water Service Line Repair Program?

The Water Service Line Repair Program provides assistance for the repair of the water service line that connects each residence to the public water main.


How is the program funded?

In 2012, City of St. Peters residents approved a $12 annual assessment – the fee is paid with annual real estate taxes.
Who is eligible for the program?


The program is open to residential property owners within City of St. Peters limits—this includes single-family homes, duplexes, villas, or condominiums under four units. Properties that are not located within City limits are not eligible.


How does a resident participate?

The first step is to file a concern with the Citizen Action Center (CAC) at St. Peters City Hall. Following verification of a leak, submit an application along with your last year paid Real Estate tax receipt.


Is there a maximum amount of repair costs that will be covered per household?

The program will pay 85 percent of the eligible repair cost up to a maximum of $3,000 per household per calendar year. Any charges in excess of $3,000 would be the homeowner’s responsibility.


How are funds distributed?

The funds are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis until all the funds have been used for that calendar year. If the funds have been used, applications may still be submitted and reviewed. Eligible projects will be placed on a waiting list for the next year. If funds remain at the end of a year, they will be carried over and applied to the next year.


Who will choose the contractor to do the repair work?

If a repair is deemed eligible, the City of St. Peters will authorize a selected contractor to perform the work.  The City will issue a permit and inspect the repair work.


The resident will be responsible to issue payment to the City for the 15 percent shared cost, pull-through charge (if applicable), and any amount over the maximum allowable covered amount, all due prior to the work being awarded.  


Once the work is completed, the City will issue payment to the contractor.


Eligible repairs:

• Repairs to private water service lines that run between the water meter and the first opportunity for a connection into the residential property. A water service line shall not include any portion of the line located inside or under any structure.
• Required street, sidewalk, or driveway pavement replacement
• Seed and straw for yard repair
• Permits and administrative costs


Ineligible repairs

• Repair, relocation or damage to structures, retaining walls, swimming pools, sprinkler systems, electronic dog fences, air conditioning units, and landscaping
• Damage caused by water service line break
• Damage caused by contractor’s performance
• Repairs performed prior to applying into the program


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