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Community Forestry

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St. Peters residents, do you have a question about trees? Our Parks team has tree experts, also known as certified arborists. Email us and Ask the Arborist!


The City of St. Peters Parks Department maintains thousands of trees in City parks, along right-of-way, and on other City-owned property. Hundreds of new trees are installed and maintained every year. Dozens of hazard trees are removed from public property annually by Parks staff and outside contractors. All St. Peters Parks Department arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture.

In addition to installation and maintenance of trees, Parks staff also enforces the City’s Tree and Landscape Ordinance. This includes reviewing development plans, enforcing land clearing restrictions, enforcing reforestation requirements, inspecting work areas where trees are affected, communicating with developers and residents affected by the ordinance, and enforcing the City’s ban on tree topping for hire. The City of St. Peters participates in the Missouri Community Forestry Council Anti-Topping Campaign.


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Tree City USA

In 1999, the City of St. Peters became the first Tree City USA in St. Charles County. St. Peters has continued to earn Tree City USA accreditation every year since. The program, sponsored by the National Arbor Day Foundation, recognizes municipalities who demonstrate a strong commitment to responsible urban forestry management. The City must reapply each year to maintain its Tree City USA status.

Every year since 2000, the City has earned a Tree City USA Growth Award in recognition of the ongoing efforts to improve its urban forestry program. Only a fraction of Tree City USA communities earn Growth Awards each year.
CLICK HERE to find out more about the Tree City USA Program.


Tree & Landscape Ordinance

In 1998 the City of St. Peters passed a comprehensive Tree and Landscape Ordinance in an effort to preserve and enhance the urban forest in the City of St. Peters. The Ordinance contains the following provisions:
  • The City of St. Peters will be responsible for the maintenance of all public trees (i.e. trees planted in parks, right-of-way, city facilities, etc.)
  • Tree topping is illegal on City-owned property and right-of-way and illegal for-hire anywhere within the City’s corporate limits.
  • All new commercial developments are required to install landscaping.
  • All new residential developments are required to install street trees in city right-of-way.
  • Clearing of more than 50% of woodlands on any site greater than 3 acres requires reforestation.


Municipal Tree Inventory

The Parks Department maintains an inventory of over 13,000 trees planted on public property throughout the City. The exact location of each tree is mapped using GPS technology allowing Parks staff to monitor tree conditions, schedule required maintenance such as pruning and watering, and identify patterns of disease or pest infestation.


The current inventory includes right-of-way trees planted under ordinance in residential developments, street trees planted by City staff, and Memorial Program trees located throughout the City’s parks.


Community Forestry Council

Employees from the St. Peters Parks Department actively participate in the St. Charles County regional chapter of the Missouri Community Forestry Council. The group meets bi-monthly to discuss issues related to community forestry in the St. Charles County area. Anyone interested in trees is welcome to attend these meetings. Current council members include arborists, horticulturists, nursery owners, tree service professionals, and community tree board members.