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Subdivision Entrance Sign Program


The City of St. Peters’ Subdivision Entrance Sign Program offers a chance for representatives from a subdivision to request an entrance sign installed within public right-of-way. These entrance signs provide an attractive, low-maintenance way to identify unique neighborhoods around the City of St. Peters. We also believe that the program creates a sense of pride and place within our community.


Subdivision entrance signs have already been installed at a number of subdivisions, including Cave Springs Estates, located at the intersection of Mexico Road and Cave Springs Estates Drive, and for Misty Valley Estates, Carrington Estates and the Manors at Orchard Glen Subdivision, located at the intersection of Jungermann Road and Boone Hills Drive. SEE PHOTOS BELOW.


To request an entrance sign for your subdivision, please call 636-477-6600, ext. 1340.


Subdivision Sign Country Hill 


Subdivision Sign Country Hill 1 


Subdivision Sign Country Hill 2 


Subdivision Sign Sunny Hill 


Subdivision Sign Sunny Hill 2 


Subdivision Sign Sunny Hill 3 


Subdivision Sign Sunny Hill 4 


Subdivision Sign Sunny Hill 5 


Subdivision Sign Sunny Hill 6 


Subdivision Sign Sunny Hill 7 


Subdivision Sign Misty Valley