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St. Peters Renewable Energy Projects


Solar Panel InstallThe U.S. Department of Energy awarded the City of St. Peters $512,800 for implementation of four energy efficiency programs meant to save residents and City facilities money.

The City used about $265,500 to retrofit City buildings with energy-saving items suggested in a recent energy audit such as software, fan controls, remote controls, fluorescent conversions to T-8 electronic ballasts, CO2 controls, blower controls, and lower watt bulbs. The goal is to lead by example in building energy-efficient retrofits.


The City spent $24,500 for a community tire air station for nitrogen. The City converted 230 vehicles with nitrogen filled tires as an energy saving fuel reduction measure. St. Peters residents can also receive this savings on their personal vehicles. If only 10 percent of St. Peters residents convert their vehicle tires to nitrogen, approximately 68,400 fewer gallons of gasoline would be burned in our community, saving money and emitting less carbon dioxide into the air.


A solar photovoltaic system on the roof of St. Peters RecPlex South was installed using $164,500 of the grant dollars. The goal is to be a leader in clean/alternate energy sources. This is the first major solar application within the City and we hope to be able to monitor and track kWh usage to encourage further alternate energy installations/retrofitting throughout the community.


Approximately $58,000 was used for a residential community-wide giveaway of CFL bulbs and programmable energy star thermostats. Each of the approximately 20,000 households in St. Peters were given three CFL bulbs and additional bulbs were available for residents. AmerenUE and Cuivre River Electric (local utility companies) partnered with us on the bulb distribution by donating an additional 40,000 and 2,784 bulbs respectively. Volunteers from the community and local businesses went door-to-door distributing information packets to each household along with the CFL light bulbs to use in lieu of energy-eating incandescent bulbs. Delivered bulbs contained only a minimal about of mercury and instructions for cleanup and disposal were included with the delivery. Recycle City is an authorized CFL recycling drop-off facility for ease of disposal.