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How We Fast-Track Development




  • Pull together experts for your team.
  • We expedite your project with our "one stop" permitting process.
  • Successful track record to keep your project on time and on budget.
  • We stay in touch with you through the process AND after you have your ribbon cutting.
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Our team at the City of St. Peters understands that timely review and expert assistance are important when you're trying to develop a site. We take steps during our review process to quickly move projects into the development phase. Typically, the initial review for a development proposal in the City of St. Peters is about 60 days, compared to many other cities' 3-month to 9-month process. We're able to expedite the process by 1) heading off potential issues through early communication, 2) performing various department reviews simultaneously, and 3) working closely with you. We work with developers early in the process (even before the formal reviews), and we commit a staff member as "ombudsman" to shepherd your project along its way through the process.


Land Use Review Committee: We think that one key to fast-tracking development is early communication. The City of St. Peters' Land Use Review Committee reviews projects that require St. Peters Board of Aldermen action even before they are formally submitted to the Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Aldermen. This early meeting gives project applicants a chance to learn our expectations at an early point in the development process while giving St. Peters' representatives a good working knowledge of the project. The Land Use Review Committee consists of City of St. Peters staff members, the Planning & Zoning Commission Chairman and elected officials. The committee meets in an informal setting on an as-needed basis. Any issues or questions that a staff person or elected official has can be reviewed at this point. In this way, potential issues can be addressed early in the development.


Review Process: The review process for development projects will go one of two different routes, depending on the type of request you make:

  • If you propose an alternate use for a development site (different than the current zoning or land use requirements), St. Peters requires that you submit a rezoning or special use petition. The Planning and Zoning Commission reviews the proposed use and then makes a recommendation to the Board of Aldermen. The Board of Aldermen will make the final decision on the zoning change and/or special use.
  • Regardless of whether you propose rezoning/special use, you will need to submit a site plan and architectural elevations. This process requires action only by the Planning and Zoning Commission, and typically takes about 30 days. We move the process along by making the architectural review part of the Planning and Zoning review process. Plus, you can submit these plans in conjunction with a rezoning or special use petition (see above) to speed up the review process.


Ombudsman: Throughout the review process, St. Peters assigns an “ombudsman” from the Planning Department to shepherd the project from initial submittal to completion. The ombudsman works with the applicant during zoning/plan review, then coordinates with the applicant during the review by the Planning Commission/Board of Aldermen, and monitors the follow-up after the formal approvals. The follow-up will include final plan submittal to the Planning Department, submittal of improvement plans to the Engineering Department, and submittal of building plans to the Building Department.




How We Shine a Light on St. Peters Businesses




  • Shop St. Peters: We encourage our residents to “Shop St. Peters: So Many Choices, So Close to Home.” When we spend our dollars at home, we help build our businesses. Plus, we  help our community by keeping tax dollars at home, working for us, building our roads, parks, etc., and maintaining our quality of life. St. Peters businesses are asked to proudly display the “Shop St. Peters” sign supplied by the City of St. Peters.
  • St. Peters Business Recognition Program: This program recognizes businesses that have been in St. Peters for 25 years or more.