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Private Ice Skating Lessons


Skaters of all ages and skating abilities are welcome to take private figure skating lessons at the St. Peters Rec-Plex. Taking private lessons from one of our skilled figure skating professionals allows you to improve your skills faster and at your own pace while preparing you to pass a new test level and/or participate in competitions.


Arranging Private Lessons

You may come by and observe our professional coaching staff, who are available to meet with you directly to schedule a day and time for your lesson. Please click on the attached link for contact information for our coaches.


  • Lesson fees do NOT include the price of admission and/or skate rental. These fees are payable directly. to the rink.
  • Our Coaching Staff operate as Independent Contractors who use our facility to teach their private lessons; therefore, they set their own schedule based on their availability and payment for the lesson is made to them directly.
  • If you are enrolled in our Learn to Skate Group Classes, you receive unlimited public session admissions for free with your membership, so take advantage of this benefit and use it to take some lessons!
  • Private lessons are for no more than 1-2 skaters at a time with a coach. If a group of 5 or more is interested in a private lesson, please contact Skating Director Leslie Deason at for further information and scheduling.



The cost for private lessons varies depending on the instructor and their skill level If you have questions regarding private lessons or pricing, please contact Leslie Deason, Figure Skating Director, at


Coaching Staff 

Ice Instructor Leslie Deason 

Leslie A. Deason

636-939-2386, ext. 1608

St. Peters Rec-Plex Figure Skating Director

Specializes in Coaching all levels from Basic Skating Skills to Advanced Jumps/Spins/Moves in the Field/Choreography.

Focus: Having fun learning to be a great skater!

Leslie is the St. Peters Rec-Plex Figure Skating Director. She has been coaching for over 25 years and directing skating programs throughout the United States and Internationally.

She is a 25-year member with the Professional Skaters Association (PSA) and coached skaters from beginning levels to elite status in California, Idaho, Minnesota, Japan, Mexico, Germany, and the Philippines.


Coaching Qualifications and Achievements:

❆ International & National Coach

❆ PSA Triple Master Rated Coach in Freestyle, Moves in the Field, and Program Director

❆ PSA Level VI Ranked Coach

❆ US Figure Skating Technical Specialist / Data Operator

❆ Coach of Philippine, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, and Thailand National Champions

❆ Coach of USA ISU Competitors

❆ PSA Rating Examiner and Trainer of Coaches

❆ PSA Coach Apprentice Mentor

❆ Previous Program Coordinator and Coach at Prestigious Shattuck St. Mary Prep School for Figure Skating & Hockey

❆ ISI Gold Judge



Ice Instructor Theresa Breneman 

Theresa Breneman 

Specializes in Basic Skating Skills, Power Skating, and Edge Work for Hockey; and Basic Skills, Freestyle, Moves in the Field, and Choreography for Figure Skating.

Theresa is a proud lifelong student of the Rec-Plex's Learn to Skate program. She traveled the country to compete in both Ice Sports Industry (ISI) and US Figure Skating Association (USFS) competitions from 1998 until 2013. She earned the ISIA Education Foundation scholarship in 2009. She has been coaching since 2008. After graduating from college in 2013, she skated professionally with Feld Entertainment's production of Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate show for one year.


Certifications & Achievements:

  • ISI Professional Member - Gold Level Judge
  • Safe Sport Certified
  • USFS Double Gold Medalist - Senior Moves in the Field and Senior Freeskate
  • ISI Freestyle 9 



Heather Dirksen

Specializes in Freestyle, MIF, and Synchronized Skating 

Heather began coaching in the Chicago area in 1996, and joined the Rec-Plex coaching staff in 2002. She grew up skating in the Chicago area where she was taught by David and Ingrid Santee. Heather competed at many USFS and ISI competitions in both individual and synchronized events. 


Certifications & Achievements:

  • USFS Junior Moves and Figures
  • Novice Freestyle
  • ISI Freestyle 8 and Figure 5
  • ISI Gold and Synchro Certified
  • USFS and PSA Member
  • Awarded 2015 ISI District 9 Merit Award
  • Coach of Synchro St. Louis 



Ice Instructor Pam Forster

Pam Forster

Specializes in Freestyle and MIF

Pam began coaching in 1994 when the Rec-Plex first opened. She coached skaters from the grassroots to the national level. Pam passed USFS Junior FS and Figures, and competed at the Regional level.


Certifications & Achievements:

  • PSA Certified Freestyle & Group Coach
  • PSA Registered Moves in the Field Coach
  • ISI Gold and Referee Certified
  • USFS Registered Compliant Coach
  • Awarded 2010 ISI District 9 Merit Award
  • St. Louis Sports Commission 2003 Coach of the Year



Mandy Hauk 

Specializes in Freestyle

Many began coaching in 2008 and grew up skating at the Rec-Plex. She was also a member of the Synchro St. Louis Teams. She competed at several local and National ISI Events.


Certifications & Achievements:

  • Tested up to ISI Freestyle 7
  • Junior moves in the field
  • Pre-Gold Dance tests



Liz Lewis 

(314) 498-0209

Specializes in Freestyle and Moves in the Field

Liz has been a skater at the St. Peters Rec-Plex for 21 years and teaching since 2012. She really enjoys working with her skaters, watching them work hard and improve their skills, and helping them reach their goals.


Certifications & Achievements:

  • Double Gold Medalist
  • ISI Freestyle 8
  • ISI Certified Gold Coach
  • USFS Registered Compliant Coach
  • PSA Member
  • USFS Collegiate Member 



Ice Instructor Heather Hyatt 

Heather Hyatt 

Specializes in Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Ice Dance, and Synchronized Skating

Heather began coaching in Atlanta in 1991, and has been at the Rec-Plex since 1996, where she coached beginners through USFS Gold Medalists. Heather previously coached the Lindenwood University Varsity Synchronized Skating Team. She coached teams to multiple ISI National and USFS Sectional Championships.


Certifications & Achievements:

  • UFSF Double Gold Medalist
  • Three International Ice Dance Tests
  • ISI Freestyle 8, Dance 9, and Figure 9
  • USFS Regional, Sectional, and National Competitor
  • ISI Gold and Synchro Certified
  • WeSKATE Core and Intermediate Certified
  • USFS Registered and Compliant Coach
  • ISI Board of Directors - 2011-2013
  • St. Peters Figure Skating Association Board of Directors - 2018-present
  • PSA Honor Roll of Coaches - 2008, 2009, 2011, 2014
  • ISI District Merit Award - 2004, 2009, 2016
  • 2010 ISI Instructor of the Year 



Brittney Pfister 

Synchro St. Louis Director

Specializes in Freestyle, MIF, and Synchronized Skating

Brittney began coaching at the Rec-Plex in 2005. Brittney grew up skating at the Rec-Plex and was a member of the Synchro St. Louis teams. As a five-year member of the Diamond Edges, she competed at USFS Sectional Championships, as well as local and national ISI events. She was the captain of the 2008 USFS Sectional Champion team. She coaches Synchro St. Louis teams and is the Synchro St. Louis Director.


Certifications & Achievements:

  • ISI Silver
  • Synchro Certified
  • USFS Registered Compliant coach
  • PSA Member 



Erica Reinagel 

Specializes in Freestyle, MIF, and Synchronized Skating

Erica began coaching at the Rec-Plex from 2005-2007, and has continued from 2015-present. Erica grew up skating at the Rec-Plex and was a member of the Synchro St. Louis teams. As a four-year Diamond Edge, she competed in many local and national ISI events. She coaches Synchro St. Louis teams. She also coached the 2007 ISI National Champion Ice Gems.


Certifications & Achievements:

  • ISI Silver
  • Synchro Certified
  • USFS Registered Compliant Coach 



Ice skating instructor Cindi Thomas

Cindi Thomas

Specializes in Ice Dance and Freestyle 

Cindi has been coaching for 28 years, including 26 years at the Rec-Plex, and enjoys sharing her love of skating with all ages. Cini has a background in Freestyle, Ice Dance and figure skating. She skated at the USFS Juvenile and Isi Freestyle 6 level, and the USFS Gold Ice Dance Level. In addition, she has a background in ballet and jazz dance.


Certifications & Achievements

  • USFS Registered CER Category B Compliant Coach
  • ISI Gold Judge
  • Safe Sport Certified 



Ice Instructor Mandy Whitacre 

Mandy Whitacre 

Specializes in Moves in the Field, Freestyle, Figures, Beginning Hockey Skating Skills

Mandy has 25 years of coaching experience and enjoys teaching students of all abilities, ages, and levels. Mandy applies her Masters of Arts in teaching to her coaching philosophy. She coached skaters from the grassroots level to Regional USFS competition levels. Mandy serves as an ISI Field Representative and is an active ISI National Referee Judge.


Certifications & Achievements:

  • ISI WeSkate Core Certified
  • ISI WeSkate Intermediate/High Certified
  • ISI Referee Certified Judge
  • ISI Synchro Certified Judge
  • ISI National Referee Judge
  • USFS Registered Compliant Coach
  • PSA Member
  • World Figure Sport Member



Ice Instructor Keersten Richards 

Keersten Richards 


Instagram/Facebook: coach.keersten

Specializes in Freestyle, Off-Ice Physical Fitness, and Mental Training

Keersten applies the knowledge she gained as a skater, along with her experience as a former NCAA track & field athlete to enhance her coaching. Her goal is to teach her skaters about the mental toughness UNIFORM, proper form & use of gym equipment, healthy relationships with food, and skating skills. She wants her athletes to have a healthy life, long after they decide to stop skating.


Certifications & Achievements

  • B.A. Psychology with minors in coaching, health & wellness, and strength & conditioning
  • M.S. Kinesiology specializing in sport and exercise psychology
  • ISI Freestyle 6
  • USFS Gold Medalist
  • ISI Gold Judge
  • PSA Member
  • USFS Registered Compliant Coach
  • SafeSport Certification
  • CPR and 1st Aid Certification
  • Personal Training Certification
  • Youth Fitness Certification
  • Sports Nutrition Certification
  • Online Coaching Certification
  • International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Elite Trainer
  • National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes (NAIA) Character-Driven Coaching Certification 



Gabby Patschull 

Specializes in Freestyle and MIF

Gabby began her skating career at the Rec-Plex and then at an elite training center in Illinois. Gabby trained with many International and Olympic-level coaches and skaters. She competed individually in USFS Regional and ISI National competitions.


Certifications & Achievements:

  • USFS Double Gold Medalist
  • PSA Member
  • 2016 Test Track Junior Ladies Champion
  • ISI Freestyle 8 



Ice Instructor Kelsey Stevens 

Kelsey Stevens 

St. Peters Rec-Plex Private and Group Skating Instructor

Coaches all levels of recreational and competitive skating, beginner through advanced.

Kelsey has coached for 6 years on the west coast. She is a PSA, USFSA, and ISI coach. She coaches skaters of all ages and abilities.



  • PSA Register Rated in Group Instruction
  • PSA, USFS, ISI, and Learn to Skate USA Member
  • 6 years of coaching experience under Triple Master-Rated coach. 



Visiting Coaches

All visiting coaches are asked to contact the Skating Director 7 days prior to coming to the facility. All visiting coaches will need to fill out a Guest coach packet that includes: providing proof of liability insurance; USFS or ISI membership; Safesport credentials; Liability waiver; and Guest coaching agreement. After submitting the guest coaching packet the coach will be contacted by the skating director with final approval instructions. We want to make sure you and your student(s) have a great experience when training at St Peters Rec-Plex. Thank you for adhering to all Rec-Plex policies and procedures.