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Inspections of Property by City’s Building Inspectors


For the safety of our community, St. Peters’ professional staff inspects property to ensure compliance with City and Fire District codes.

Commercial Business Inspections

Every new business and every change of use, tenancy or ownership must have inspection approval of the premises by the City Building Department and the appropriate Fire Protection District prior to opening.

Any new construction or alterations to the structural, plumbing, or electrical systems require the appropriate City permits. Learn how to apply for a construction permit. Contact the Building Commissioner’s Office at 636-477-6600, ext. 1670, for more information.



For RentResidential Rental Property Inspection Program


All rental property located within the City of St. Peters corporate limits must be registered with and inspected by the Building Department. Learn how you can apply for an occupancy inspection.

Prior to occupancy you must schedule and receive an inspection of the property. The exterior and interior of the residence will be inspected. After the inspection you will be supplied with a copy of the inspection report for your records. Any life-safety violations that are found will need to be corrected before tenants will be allowed to occupy the residence. For non-life-safety violations, a temporary occupancy will be issued with a date that all violations must be corrected by. It will then be necessary to schedule a re-inspection so that we can confirm that the corrections have been made. 




Nailing DeckHow many inspections will I need?

The number of inspections required depends on what type of work is being done. For example:

  • A water heater replacement, furnace or air conditioner will require only one inspection.
  • A deck will require two inspections.
  • A room addition could require several inspections: footing, rough framing, rough electric, rough plumbing, and a final. Rough framing, electric and plumbing can be combined into one inspection, so it is possible that only three inspections would be required for a room addition.

If any code violations are found it will be necessary to schedule a re-inspection so that we can determine that the violation has been corrected. Learn how you can apply for a permit, learn about the permit process, and schedule inspections online.



For more information, email the Building Department at or call 636-477-6600, ext. 1670.


Apply now through the CitizenServe portal for a rezoning, special use, or site plan/plat, or for a sign permit.

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