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Home Occupations (Home-Based Businesses)

Operating a Business in Your Home

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Do you want to start a business based inside your home? A Planning and Zoning Home Occupation application and a General Business License application are both required for home-based businesses in the City of St. Peters. This is required whether you're operating a business out of a residential property, or have your business registered within a residential property.

To expedite the process, we encourage you to apply for both applications at the same time. However, Planning and Zoning Commission approval is required before issuance of your business license.


You can apply online for both: a) your Home Occupation (through Planning and Zoning); and, b) your General Business License (through Licensing).


The Planning and Zoning Commission meets the first Wednesday of each month. You must submit your Home Occupation application to the Planning Department at least 10 days prior to the meeting date.

View City Code on Home Occupation requirements.

For the Planning Department, call ext. 1670 at either 636.278.2244 or 636.477.6600.


For the Business License Department, call ext. 1230 at either 636.278.2244 or 636.477.6600.

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