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The Municipal Court Code Chapter 130 provides that the Municipal Court shall be subject to the rules of the Circuit Court of which it is a part and to the rules of the State Supreme Court. The Municipal Court shall be subject to the general administrative authority of the Presiding Judge of the Circuit Court, and the Judge and Court personnel of such Court shall obey his/her directives.

Municipal Judge                          

The Judge of the St. Peters Municipal Court is known as a Municipal Judge of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court, and shall be elected to his/her position by the qualified voters of the City for a term of four years. Currently Judge Donald Kohl holds this position.

  • Licensed attorney, qualified to practice law within the State.
  • Must reside within the City, be a resident for a period of one year before election, and remain a resident for the term of office.
  • Resident of the State.
  • May not serve as Municipal Judge for any other municipality.
  • May not hold any other office within the City Government.

The Municipal Judge shall be considered as holding a part-time position and may accept other employment within the requirements of the Code of Judicial Conduct, Missouri Supreme Court Rule 2.

If no qualified person is a candidate for or elected to the office of Municipal Judge, the Mayor, with the consent of the Board of Aldermen, shall appoint a person possessing the qualifications above.

Powers and Duties Generally:
  • Shall administer oaths and enforce due obedience to all orders, rules and judgments made by him/her and fine and imprison for contempt committed before him/her while holding court in the same manner and to the same extent as a Circuit Judge.
  • May commute the term of any sentence, stay execution of any fine or sentence, suspend any fine or sentence, suspend any fine or sentence and make such other orders as the Municipal Judge deems necessary relative to any matter that may be pending in the Municipal Court.
  • Shall establish a Violations Bureau as provided for in the Missouri Rules of practice and Procedure in Municipal and Traffic Courts and Section 479.050 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri.
  • Shall periodically review the data entry function of the Court's automated Court docketing; the preparation of the monthly reports of the Court's cases and dispositions, fines, costs, training fees and crime victims' compensation; and the accounting for all funds collected by the Municipal Court and maintenance of appropriate records of the Court's fiscal activities.
  • May assist in preparation of annual budgetary proposals relating to the operations of Municipal Court and presentation to the City in conjunction with the city Budget Officer for submittal to the Board of Aldermen.
  • May provide annual evaluations of all judicial and non-judicial employees in the Court administrator's office and other Court support personnel, and any written recommendations relating to personnel issues to the appropriate supervisor. All such communications shall be taken into account prior to personnel action.  Unresolved issues shall be submitted to the City Administrator who shall be responsible to ensure the requirements of the Municipal Court are attained.
  • Shall make and adopt rules of practice and procedure necessary to hear and decide matters pending before the Municipal Court, and implement and carry out the provisions of the Missouri Rules of Practice and Procedure in Municipal and Traffic Courts. Any rules made or adopted shall be consistent with the provisions of the Missouri Rules of Practice and Procedure in Municipal and Traffic courts.  Any rules made or adopted may be annulled or amended by an ordinance limited to such purpose; provided, that the ordinance does not violate or conflict with the provisions of the Missouri Rules of Practice and Procedure in Municipal and Traffic courts or State law.

The Municipal Judge shall have other powers, duties, and privileges as prescribed by State Law or other ordinances of the City.


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