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Business Directory Helps You Shop St. Peters!

ATTENTION: This directory is no longer updated as of June 2019. 


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Shop St. Peters ... Support Local Businesses!

Shopping at local brick-and-mortar businesses is important to all of us because when we buy local, we’re helping local businesses survive, putting people to work in our community, and investing our sales tax dollars directly back into our hometown to help pave and fix roads, plow the roads clear when it snows, provide parks, manage stormwater, pay for police protection and more. You can use the business directory below to find businesses licensed in St. Peters. Search by business/address or by category. Shop St. Peters ... So Many Choices, So Close to Home!

Business Owners and Managers: Your business is listed alphabetically and by category. If you are not listed in the directory or if you would like to make a change to your listing, please call us at ext. 1232 at either 636-477-6600 or 636-278-2244. This listing is provided free of charge as a benefit to both our businesses and our website visitors.


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