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Building Codes

The City of St. Peters has adopted the following codes to ensure proper construction techniques are used for the safety of the community. Codes are changed regularly; please call ext. 1670 at either 636-278-2244 or 636-477-6600 regarding any code changes.


Design Standards for Building Department Plan Submittal

Applicable Codes:
City Code Chapter 505 Building (IBC 2015) - Commercial
City Code Chapter 504 Building (IRC 2009) - Residential
City Code Chapter 525 Property Maintenance (IPMC 2009)
City Code Chapter 220 Fire Code (IFC 2015)
City Code Chapter 516 Fuel Gas (IFGC 2015)
City Code Chapter 515 Mechanical Code (IMC 2015)
City Code Chapter 520 Plumbing Code (IPC 2015)
City Code Chapter 510 Electrical Code (NFPA 70® 2014)
City Code Chapter 410 Flood Plain Management



Climate and Geographic Design Criteria

Ground snow load = 20 P.S.F.
Wind speed = 115 M.P.H.
Seismic design category for residential construction = "C"
Weathering = Severe
Frost depth = 30 Inch
Termite = Yes
Winter design temp = 6 degrees
Ice barrier underlayment on the roof = none
Flood hazards = Start April 19, 1979 Latest Aug. 2, 1996
Air freezing Index = 963
Mean annual temp = 55.2 degrees



For more information, email the Building Department at or call 636-477-6600, ext. 1670.


Apply now through the CitizenServe portal for a rezoning, special use, or site plan/plat, or for a sign permit.

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