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The Blue Cart Crew Needs You

Subscribe Now to Recycle Curbside in St. Peters!

The City of St. Peters’ curbside recycling program has moved to a subscription-only service. Enroll now to be part of the new Blue Cart Crew!


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Or, you can call 636-970-1456 to enroll.


There is no fee to subscribe.


When you join the Blue Cart Crew, we’ll replace your green trash cart with a Blue Cart that you will continue to use for both trash and Blue Bag recycling. Or, if you want to keep your green trash cart, we will place a Blue Cart Crew sticker on your green cart.



More than 11,000 households (about half of our City's residents) are recycling with the Blue Cart Crew. Thank you for putting the landfill on a diet! Subscribe to the monthly UpFront newsletter for Blue Bag Recycling Tips and Blue Cart Crew updates.


Not a Blue Cart Crew member? It's never too late to join the Blue Cart Crew and recycle curbside with Blue Bags! ENROLL IN THE BLUE CART CREW TODAY!


By joining the Blue Cart Crew, you’ll be part of St. Peters’ recycling effort that helps to keep our trash costs low and give recyclable materials a new life. If you have not enrolled in the Blue Cart Crew, you no longer can use curbside recycling. Please enroll if you would like to continue to recycle.


Why did we switch to the Blue Cart Crew program?
The new subscription-only Blue Cart Crew program will cut our costs for recycling with Blue Bags. The cost to the City of St. Peters for Blue Bags grew from around $50,000 a year to about $190,000 a year over the past decade without the benefit of an increase in recycling. This increase in cost is because many people used Blue Bags for regular trash or other purposes besides recycling.


What does it mean for me if I join the Blue Cart Crew?
When you join the Blue Cart Crew, you pledge to recycle with Blue Bags. You can recycle by placing containers in one Blue Bag and paper products in another Blue Bag. Just place your recycling Blue Bags in your cart with regular trash bags. Learn more about St. Peters’ dual stream recycling success.


When you join the Blue Cart Crew, you will receive Blue Bags for recycling. When you run out of Blue Bags, tie a Blue Bag (or any type of bag) on the handle of your Blue Cart (or green cart with Blue Cart Crew sticker). Our staff will drop off a new roll of Blue Bags when they see that you’ve tied a bag on your cart.


Blue Cart Crew members promise to use Blue Bags only for recycling and agree to periodic compliance checks. As a member of the Blue Cart Crew, you're automatically entered into our Blue Bag Recycling Contest!


What if I don’t enroll in the Blue Cart Crew program?
You won’t be able to recycle curbside in St. Peters. You will not have access to Blue Bags. To recycle, you may bring your recyclable items to the Aytes Community Recycling Center at Recycle City, 131 Ecology Drive.


When should I enroll to be part of the Blue Cart Crew?
Now! Click to enroll.


What size is the new Blue Cart?

The Blue Cart is 90 gallons, the same size as our green trash carts.


What if I live in an apartment or condo in St. Peters and use a dumpster, not a trash cart?

You also can enroll to receive Blue Bags for recycling! Learn more about the "Blue Crew" multi-family program for recycling.


For more information, call 636-970-1456.



Above, the first load of Blue Carts arrives on Dec. 27, 2018. Delivery to Blue Cart Crew members is set for January and February 2019. Below is a photo of the top of a Blue Cart lid with a Blue Cart Crew sticker: