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Public Comment Period Open through Oct. 11 for Five Potential St. Peters Transportation Projects

September 17, 2021

Now is the time to give your input on several local road projects being considered for federal funding. Please provide your comments online now on five potential transportation projects in St. Peters. The City of St. Peters has applied for funding from the East-West Gateway Council of Governments for each of these projects. The public comment period for the applications will end on Oct. 11, 2021.



Here’s a summary of each proposed St. Peters project:

Barkwood Trails Drive

(Jungermann Road to Maple Tree Drive)

This road improvement project would replace all pavement and sidewalks. Traffic-calming measures may be included, with mini-roundabouts being used instead of stop signs. Four pedestrian refugee islands may also be constructed. Estimated project cost: $2,198,398. Estimated completion: December 2025. VIEW BARKWOOD TRAILS PROJECT LOCATION MAP (pdf)

Jungs Station Road

(Kings Crossing to Country Mill Court)

Concrete pavement would be replaced and diamond grinding would be used to smooth the surface. The sidewalk from Kings Crossing to Country Mill Road would be replaced on both sides of Jungs Station Road. The traffic signal at Plum Creek Drive would be replaced, and a sidewalk would be installed on the east side of the road, from Roberts Automotive to Windwood Trail. Estimated project cost: $1,994,483. Estimated completion: December 2025. VIEW JUNGS STATION PROJECT LOCATION MAP (pdf)

Mexico Road Bridge over Dardenne Creek

This is a bridge maintenance project. Bridge approach slabs would be replaced, as would guardrails to meet required standards. A portion of the sidewalk on the north side of Mexico Road would be replaced where settling has occurred. The bridge deck would receive sealer to repair small surface cracks and increase the life span of the bridge deck. Estimated project cost: $558,795. Estimated completion: September 2024. VIEW MEXICO ROAD BRIDGE MAINTENANCE PROJECT LOCATION MAP (pdf)

Mid Rivers Mall Drive at St. Peters Howell Road

This project would increase capacity to reduce traffic congestion at the intersection. A right northbound turn lane from Mid Rivers Mall Drive onto St. Peters Howell Road and a right westbound turn lane from St. Peters Howell Road onto Mid Rivers Mall Drive would be added to reduce vehicle delays. Estimated project cost: $555,510. Estimated completion: December 2024. MID RIVERS MALL DRIVE AND ST. PETERS HOWELL ROAD CAPACITY IMPROVEMENTS MAP (pdf)

MO 370 Interchange Ramps at Salt River Road (Phase 2, Northbound-Westbound Ramp)

A new ramp would be installed from MO 370 northbound to Salt River Road westbound. Three new bridges would be constructed to accommodate the new ramp. Estimated project cost: $15,079,619. Estimated completion: March 2026. MO 370 INTERCHANGE RAMPS PLAN EXHIBIT (pdf)