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Recycling Tips: What CAN You Recycle?

August 26, 2021

Blue Cart Crew Recycling Tip


There's a lot of questions surrounding how cans are supposed to be recycled. Should I remove the labels? Do I need to completely clean them out before recyling? What is the best environmental option for recycling cans?


You don't have to remove labels: You may already know that aluminum, tin, and steel cans are all recyclable, but you DON'T have to remove labels from those cans before recycling. These labels are easily removed during the washing process. However, removed labels can be recycled in a Blue bag with paper products. It's completely up to you whether you remove and recycle labels separate from your cans!

You don't have to rinse out cans: It's unnecessary to completely clean out cans prior to recycling, as long as it's mostly empty. However, thoroughly rinsing out your cans of any remaining product helps keep other recyclables uncontaminated.


The best option for recycling cans: Even with all of these recycling options available for cans, the best way to make the most of them ... is to rinse them out and reuse them yourself! Keeping the cans is a better environmental option than disposing of them in recycling, as it saves the City on resources and energy.


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