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Streets Department Paves the Way!

March 18, 2021
Pavement Management Program asphalt street repair

The City of St. Peters’ Streets Department has a team full of well-trained workers who patch our roads and pave the way for a smoother ride. Each year, this team tackles millions of dollars in road repairs as part of the City’s Pavement Management Program.


In 2020, St. Peters completed pavement repair projects on 25 asphalt roads and 36 concrete roads. Many more roads will be repaired in 2021, and you can see all of those road repair plans and status updates when the 2021 Pavement Management Program is completed and posted at the Streets Department web page this spring at


How do we pick which roads are repaired? Our Streets Department visually inspects the condition of every street in our City and rates them based on their conditions. Each street’s condition is maintained in a database with a number rating from 1 to 10. This method is based on the Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER) system developed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Transportation Information Center. Our staff considers these PASER ratings as well as concerns from our residents to decide when roads are repaired during our annual Pavement Management Program.


We have budgeted $1.3 million for concrete slab replacements and $1.17 million for asphalt road paving in 2021. Concrete repairs generally replace segments (slabs) of roads that are in the most disrepair. The concrete must cure before it can handle traffic, which means that these types of repairs require lane closures for a few days. Asphalt road repairs generally require removal of the original pavement (also called “milling”) and repaving with new asphalt. Our staff contacts affected residents on those roads ahead of time to help everyone be prepared for those projects.


Portions of curb and gutter also are replaced each year, and that usually takes place on asphalt streets before they receive overlay repairs. Other types of annual street repairs include crack  sealing, repairs to concrete joints where slabs connect, and pothole  patching. New in 2021, our Streets Department will use a semi-flexible surface repair material for smaller concrete joint repairs. This material will extend the pavement’s life much longer than with standard asphalt patching.


Our Streets Department also replaces sections of sidewalks each year, including accessibility upgrades to sidewalk access ramps.


The 2021 budget includes $450,000 for sidewalk and curb replacements, $100,000 for crack sealing, and $51,000 for the new semi-flexible surface joint repair.



Pavement Management Program concrete street repair