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Seniors Need Us More than Ever: Join the Cheer Committee!

March 27, 2020
This time of social distancing has meant isolation for many people, and extra concern for our seniors. Many local seniors are alone in their homes for their own protection from the COVID-19 coronavirus … but, there’s something you can do to help them feel a little less lonely.

Join the St. Peters Cheer Committee! Let our seniors who are receiving “Meals on Wheels” know you’re thinking of them. It doesn’t take a special appointment to a commission or a committee. Anyone can do it. All you need to do is write a short note or letter to a “St. Peters Senior.” Our Mayor Tom Brown Senior Center in St. Peters will help you get your notes and well wishes to the Center’s Meals on Wheels clients. Here’s all you need to do:

  • Write a note with well wishes to a senior telling them how much we are all thinking about them during this difficult time. It’s sort of like when people wrote letters to members of our Armed Services, thanking them for their service. Have a child at home who is busting with artistic expression? Maybe add a drawing. Something, anything, that would add cheer to a senior’s life would be welcome!
  • Mail your note, or letter, or Thank You card, to this address: Mayor Tom Brown Senior Center Meals on Wheels Program, 108 McMenamy Road, St. Peters, Mo., 63376. They’ll deliver these notes and letters when they make their Meals on Wheels deliveries.
  • Then, do one more thing: Call seniors in your life on a regular basis … at least every other day. Make sure they’re OK and spread some more cheer!

There you have it: If you do those three things, you’re part of the St. Peters Cheer Committee.

Who are the folks who will receive your letters? They are clients who receive Meals on Wheels lunch delivery service from the Mayor Tom Brown Senior Center. The Senior Center, which is operated by Aging Ahead, a state designated area agency on aging, is currently closed to in-person services through April 22, 2020. But staff there are still making a big difference by delivering meals and making phone calls to all their clients as part of their telephone reassurance program. The staff there would love to include the community in this telephone reassurance program but need to adhere to confidentiality guidelines in protecting client information.

The Cheer Committee is the next best thing … can you help us add some cheer?


St. Peters Cheer Committee Animated


More on the Senior Center

The decision by the state to close the Senior Center to in-person services is aimed at protecting our senior population along with Senior Center staff members and volunteers. The COVID-19 coronavirus can be especially dangerous to seniors and people with health complications, so any contact with other people could be life-threatening.

One of the great accomplishments for our community in St. Peters is that we’ve been able to help our Senior Center continue to provide a hot lunch, five days a week, to qualifying homebound seniors in our community. You’ve been a big part of this effort through the St. Peters’ Voluntary Utility Round Up Program. This has been helpful for many seniors who have trouble preparing their own lunch. It’s helping to keep them independent in their homes. Another benefit is the daily check-in to verify the wellness of seniors in the program. Due to state and federal budget cuts, other communities have gone to one Meals on Wheels delivery of frozen meals once per week to homebound seniors as part of their regular operation.

Daily delivery of hot meals will continue as soon as possible in St. Peters, said Teri Fletcher, who works for Aging Ahead as St. Peters Senior Center Administrator … but for now, unfortunately, the hot meal and the in-person well check are not possible due to COVID-19. In order to limit the number of people in contact with the at-risk older population, Aging Ahead has decided that Senior Center staff, and not volunteers, make one delivery of frozen meals weekly. The meals are handed to the client at the door.

This is a tough situation, but in these unprecedented, trying times, there are positives to be taken from this. The Senior Center is still bringing food to seniors, and it’s not taken for granted. “We’ve heard from a lot of the clients that they really appreciate that they’re still getting meals,” Teri says.

Many volunteers and organizations have reached out to the Senior Center to offer their help. While they can’t have volunteers deliver right now, the list of potential Meals on Wheels volunteers has swelled for the day we can return to normalcy.

Are you a senior, or do you know a senior in your life, who could benefit from home deliveries of meals? Even if you don’t qualify for Meals on Wheels, you could qualify for another service that provides home meal deliveries. Call the Senior Center at 636-278-2410 to learn more. For seniors in need of housing or other essential services, call the Aging Ahead agency that oversees the Mayor Tom Brown Senior Center at 636-579-0555.

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