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Geese and Ducks Everywhere

March 26, 2019


What should you do if you have geese making a nest near your home? What if a pair of ducks are nesting near your home?


Sometimes, ducks and geese nest in areas that can pose problems for us humans. If the nesting pair are geese, often Canada geese, keep in mind that geese can be aggressive and highly protective of both nesting areas and hatchlings. If there is no nest, you can try to scare the geese by using the water hose, loud noises, or otherwise harass the geese, without harming them. If there is already a nest built, you will likely need to call us for assistance. Animal Control Officers are skilled in handling and deterring geese. If a nest is removed, it may require some return visits or resident help to prevent the rebuilding. Touching the nest or eggs of a Canada goose nest requires a federal permit and should not be done by residents.


Ducks in our area, mostly Mallards, are much more docile. They will sometimes pick a nesting location that presents danger to the ducklings. If the nearest body of water is outside of a fence or across a busy road, Animal Control may assist in moving mom and ducklings to safety. If your backyard pool is the nearest body of water, relocation may be best, as ducklings can have a difficult time getting over the side of a pool and to safety. You may NEVER destroy a Mallard nest or eggs, but you may frighten them away prior to them nesting. Ducks are naturally wary of people. Loud noises, lawn sprinklers and chasing them may encourage ducks to relocate.


So, remember:
  • Never feed any wildlife.
  • Remove bird feeders if you have unwanted wildlife – this includes: ducks, geese, raccoons, squirrels, etc.
  • Call Animal Control at 636-278-2255 for assistance if necessary, especially for waterfowl that has already nested.