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St. Peters Reminds Residents to Keep Pets Under Control at All Times

July 3, 2018
Sunset-Friday-Dogs-2017When you’re outside in your own yard, you may think it’s OK to let your pets roam free without a leash. If you remain in complete control of your pet, this may be OK, but if your pet decides to leave your property and approaches a stranger, whether it is in a friendly manner or not, it is in violation of City ordinance (205.120).


The City of St. Peters’ animal restraint ordinance requires pet owners to be in control of their pets at all times, whether on or off their property. When your pet is off your property, it must be securely leashed. This ordinance ensures the safety of your pets as well as the safety of others. Even if your pet is seemingly under control on your property without a leash yet barks or shows aggression towards passersby causing a public nuisance, it could be in violation of City ordinance. 


Animals may be impounded if they are off the owner’s property and not securely leashed (City ordinance 205.150). When animals are impounded, the owner may be responsible for fees, fines and/or summoned to court.


If your pet poses a potential public nuisance due to excessive barking, St. Peters Animal Control has “no bark” collars available for St. Peters residents to rent at no charge with a valid Resident Privilege Card. “No bark” collars can be used for up to two weeks at a time and extended if needed as long as there isn’t a waitlist. 


For a fun, off-leash area to take your dogs, check out the members-only St. Peters Rotary Club Dog Park at 370 Lakeside Park. Visit for more information.


For the St. Peters Animal Control Department, call 636-278-2255. The City of St. Peters’ animal restraint ordinance and other City ordinances can be found at