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Preparing for Tornadoes

April 28, 2017



In St. Peters, our Office of Emergency Management tests and operates our Outdoor Warning System, which consists of 14 outdoor warning sirens located throughout the City. The sirens are spaced to provide warning for individuals who are outdoors. The sirens will give off a steady tone whenever a Tornado Warning is issued for St. Charles County. When you hear this sound, you should take cover in your home's basement or the most secure room you can find in the center of your home or any other building you might be in. If you live in a mobile home, move to a more substantial structure until the threat passes.


Be sure to listen for weather updates. To do so, consider purchasing a NOAA Weather Radio that broadcasts emergency weather information directly from the National Weather Service. Other warning options include phone apps, or setting up a notification tree with friends, family, and neighbors. Local TV and radio stations also regularly air severe weather updates. To be clear, the Outdoor Warning System is DESIGNATED FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY. You may not hear the sirens inside your home because they are not designed for that purpose. Use other options for indoor use. Also consider using multiple warning options whether indoors or outdoors.


If you’re in a vehicle, the National Weather Service warns against trying to outrun a tornado. If necessary, seek shelter in a nearby substantial building. If you have no alternative, abandon your vehicle and hide in a nearby ditch or depression and cover your head. The National Weather Service says that most deaths from a tornado occur because of the flying debris and head injuries.


A Tornado Warning means a tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar. When you hear a Tornado Warning, take immediate life-saving action and seek additional information.


A Tornado Watch means that conditions are favorable for tornado development, and that you should prepare for life-saving action and seek additional information.