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Ward 1 Alderman Joyce Townsend

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Alderman Joyce Townsend - 2019 

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Alderman Joyce Townsend has lived in Ward One St. Peters for more than 30 years, and has been married to Keith for more than 35 years. She graduated from St. Charles High School, has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from UMSL, and has owned and operated three successful home-based businesses. 


She served as Alderman Ward One from 1996-2000, and then chose to stay home to raise her family's four children. During this time she and her husband were both very involved in Boy Scouting and Girl Scouting, and she served as a Leave No Trace trainer, teaching environmentally sound camping and backpacking practices to both groups of Scouts. 


In her private life, Alderman Townsend is a member of the Saint Charles Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, one of the country’s premier Veterans’ service organizations. Her interests include genealogy research, public speaking and historical storytelling, gardening, and needlework. She is now the proud grandmother of three beautiful grandchildren.   


Alderman Townsend currently serves as Board of Aldermen President.




Message from Alderman Townsend

The Benefits of Kindness

Merry Christmas everyone!  May the Joy of this season bring you comfort and peace.  


During the holidays, it’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed. I have a mile long list of things to do!  Slowly but surely I’m getting it all done, but there are times when I have to step back and make sure my actions speak as loudly as my words. Am I truly realizing the meaning of this season as I rush about doing my chores? Am I remembering to think of those less fortunate? The hustle and excitement are great, but then suddenly there’s a big empty feeling. Sometimes we find ourselves bored. Sometimes we feel like our troubles are too big to ignore. Sometimes we long for a chance to feel like we belong, are important, or are needed. Do you have those up and down, back and forth moments?


Often, if we can just look beyond ourselves, we can get a new perspective on our own lives, and on the lives of those around us. There are organizations that need volunteers from one end of this City to the other. Churches can put you in touch with opportunities to share and help someone in need. Even your neighborhood probably has a few people who could use some assistance, or even just a listening ear. How about that widow who needs help with some heavy lifting? Or that high-schooler who needs some ideas for an essay? What about the new mom who could use a chance to run errands and needs a caring sitter for her little one?  


Giving another person some love and attention will make their day, and you will walk away feeling great.  Scientific studies have shown that it is beneficial not only to the recipient of kindness, but also to the giver. This Christmas season, remember that there are others who need your time and talents even more than you do.  It will make you feel all the better for doing it. Be a blessing to someone today!


As your Alderman I welcome your questions and comments, and always look forward to hearing from you. Call me at 636-357-2789, or email me at if I can be of service.



I’m Thankful for YOU!

Outside, the weather is getting cooler and the leaves are starting to turn.  At my house, we’ve got a garden to put to bed and new baby grass in the lawn.  The nearby high school band is practicing for their halftime shows, the drumbeats setting the pace for my yardwork.  It’s my favorite time of year!  I hope this finds you full of thanksgiving for all the good things we’re blessed with.  I count among my biggest blessings the opportunity to serve as your Alderman.


One of my duties is to pass along answers to questions that are asked of me.  One of the most popular topics is traffic. Traffic is an ever-worsening presence in our area today.  Solutions abound, but one possible solution has stirred up more feelings and opinions than any other.  I’ve been asked by residents how to get involved.  If you believe that MODOT needs to improve the I-70 corridor without turning the area’s outer roads into one-way streets, go to and fill out the survey.  


Another big concern is crime.  As residents, we have a powerful tool at our disposal.  If you have a doorbell with a camera, please consider registering it with the St. Peters Police Department.  Some folks are under the impression that the police will be able to see everything all the time, but that is just not the case.  Many of the cameras will never even be looked at, but if a crime does happen in your neighborhood, it could provide valuable information to the police.  For example, if a car is stolen on your street, the police will ask those in the neighborhood with registered cameras to allow access to the video from that specific time.  This may give them a clear picture of the perpetrators, or at least give them some clues as to who they are.  If you have one of these doorbells, please go to the City’s website; in the green bar at the top, click on Departments; choose Police in the drop down menu; then click on Resident Camera Program in the light blue area on the left.  


With redistricting, which officially took effect on October 1, I now have seven new subdivisions full of people to meet.  What a fun way to end 2021!  We’ve had two Homeowner’s Association Meetings in Ward One so far, and I look forward to opportunities to meet the residents who live in the others soon.


Call me any time I can help you with a City concern, question, or idea.  Have a wonderful fall.  Happy Thanksgiving!